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Byron. My beautiful standardbred boy

Byron. My beautiful standardbred boy

What began as a way of supporting my daughter with the care of her new pony has become a passion that seems to override all else.

Twenty years ago, I began exploring the world of horses and found that the most amazing teachers entered my life, just when I was ready for them, which was fortunate as I had become increasingly frustrated by the “accepted way” of dealing with horses. It just didn’t sit well with me. I felt very uneasy about many methods of training and treatment.

My search for a better way of doing things has involved TTEAM work, natural horsemanship training, massage, craniosacral work, homeopathy and herbal preparations. Each new bit of learning has filled in gaps in the “big picture” for me, and I am excited by the prospect of further study.

Horses themselves have led me in a particular direction. I seem to be specializing in traumatized horses.

Animals who have been injured or abused have a protective barrier to prevent further injury. Injured animals have compensations which will ultimately lead to further in injuries, while abused animals usually have emotional responses which may make them appear dangerous to handle. Unfortunately, many of these poor horses pay with their lives.

Horses are such finely tuned athletes that anything that has upset their proprioception and kinaesthetic sense will have a domino effect, resulting in them becoming unuseable long before their time.

All horses are important, whether they be a child’s beloved pony, a four star Olympic prospect or a horse earning its keep on the track. All horses have one thing in common. They need to feel joy and freedom in their movement.

As well as dealing with my own far-flung practice, I teach nationally and, thanks to the internet, consult internationally.

Having worked as a medical scientist for thirty years prior to taking the “leap of faith” embarking on a career dealing with the more complementary therapies, has been an asset in dealing with veterinarians and other professionals.

My client area is a two hundred kilometer radius from the CBD and I do travel to other states when necessary.

Holistic Horse is dedicated to providing a balanced approach to treatment. Each horse is an individual and no single modality or therapy is appropriate for every horse. I already have many tools, and continue to study in the hope that Holistic Horse can provide the best for your horse.

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