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Equine myofunctional therapy

As an equine myofunctional therapist, I am able to diagnose soft tissue trauma.

My training in exercise physiology and awareness of the biomechanics of movement helps determine the possible causes of imbalance in the horse, whether it be rider impact, saddle fit or badly balanced feet.

Massage is an amazing tool which when correctly applied, encourages the body to heal itself. Obviously factors contributing to injury/imbalance need to be addressed too.

Massage improves circulation and stimulates lymphatic flow. With improved circulation, comes elimination of wastes from tissues and new blood, bringing nutrients to the tissues.

Massage can break down adhesions, release spasms, lengthen connective tissue and enhance muscle tone.

Stretching recalibrates the proprioceptors in muscle and tendon and returns joints to an improved range of motion.

Specific rehabilitation exercises will help your horse recover from injury and are designed to encourage correct movement from the beginning, rather than allowing the horse to compensate and thereby create imbalance while healing.

Consultation: $100 plus travel.

Craniosacral work

Craniosacral work is well known in the osteopathic world and has translated well to animal therapy. It is a gentle, non-invasive treatment which allows the body to find its own balance. While being gentle, it is also very powerful.

Animals respond well because it is an internal adjustment by the animal itself, rather than a treatment being ‘inflicted’ on them.

One of the most humbling aspects of the treatment, is our ability to help animals who have been abused or suffered horrific accidents to get rid of the trauma, both physical and mental trapped in their bodies and minds by events out of their control.

I am fortunate to work with many wonderful people who rescue horses and dogs. These animals have often come to them with a history of abuse and neglect.

What is so special is that these animals want to be ‘whole’ again and they find it in themselves to trust another human to help them work through their past.

Animals will ‘relive’ past events, sometimes re enacting them. The beauty of animals is that they do not want to hang onto these negative aspects of their lives and they let them go. Animals, so tortured that they want to hurt anyone who comes near them, become gentle and trusting again. Animals who have triggers from past experience and have become dangerous and unpredictable, allow themselves to be retrained and become reliable.

I use some Craniosacral techniques as a ‘flight check’ to check the intregity of the body as a whole, prior to massage.

I usually combine massage with Craniosacral work as I find they complement each other so well.

Consultation $100 plus travel.


Homeopathic and Bach flower remedies lend themselves well to animal healing.

The first aid remedies are tried and true and no first aid kit should be without Aconite and Arnica.

A list of common remedies appears under the product listing.

Constitutional prescribing is a more complicated process and requires extensive history taking and repertory searching. Occasionally an animal requires this fuller treatment.

Consultation $100 plus remedy.

Canine myofunctional therapy and Craniosacral therapy.

Yes, dogs are part of my practice too.

I teach canine myofunctional therapy and use it together with Craniosacral therapy and homeopathy in my treatment of dogs.

For years I insisted that I didn’t do dogs, but they too, have crept in to my practice.

The principles of my work with equines carries over to the canines.

Consultation $50 plus travel.


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